blackvoid 2022 and BEYOND event news!

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blackvoid 2022 and BEYOND event news!

2022 and BEYOND event news!

A few weeks ago, we got some info regarding an upcoming event that will happen on Dec 2nd, regarding new products, services, and features that are coming in 2022 and later.

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Did they mention if they’re going to lift the ridiculous limit of 2 IP cameras per NAS or at least reduce the pricey licenses for that?
I was expecting them to show some new hardware for home consumers (except the router perhaps), but nothing. :(
But for all those that have spent the last two years asking "any news on a replacement of the RT2600ac?" and "when will Synology's routers support WIFI 6?"... these people now have an answer.
my bet is that it will not come cheap (as their previous routers, in my opinion atleast).
I don't doubt it. But I'm not yet looking to replace my RT2600ac and MR2200ac: I managed to survive with Apple Airport Extreme 'n' devices, until Apple pulled their Airport line, when the home already had plenty of 'ac' capable devices.

If I really, really needed WIFI 6 now then I would just use my Virgin Media Hub 5 which also has a 2.5 Gbps LAN connection. But I'd rather own my perimeter security, so the Hub 5 is an over-spec modem. But will support up to 2.2 Gbps Internet when it becomes available and when I'm rich. A better SRM router with 2.5 Gbps ports (as announced) would then become interesting ... but then I'm thinking we will have de-kidded ourselves and Internet won't be betting the current level of 20x7 stress testing ;)
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I watched the new router video. Clear and to the point, not overly glitzy, as good informational videos should be!
Router Looks impressive. Seeing that I had to learn about the features in 2600 in order to use them myself — this new one seems a bit overkill for the under-educated home user, (Me), but in a couple of years this ‘overkill’ might just be the new norm! My comparison between the 2600 and my prior router is a case in point that this has happened before.

Though Safe Action was mentioned in video as an important add on, nowhere was Threat Prevention mentioned, and I personally believe that TP is more worthwhile than SA.
I would hope that TP Would remain in new router.
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so I understand:
WAN 1000, 100, 10, OR 2.5
LAN1 is 2.5 only, but can be LAN1 OR WAN#2
LAN : 2, 3, 4 are 1000, 100, 10 only

2.5 from modem to ‘AX’ WAN in
2.5 LAN1 to a 2.5 Downstream 2.5 Switch
1000 LAN2 to a Downstream 1000, 100, 10 Switch

Determining what an upgrade path might look like.
There needs to be two 2,5Gbps interfaces so that the router can be connected to higher speed modem/bridge device and LAN switch. Otherwise I fail to see the point of it: wired back haul of mesh AP, even if newer AX devices, will be restricted to 1G interface when you’ve use the 2.5 for WAN.

Today most wireless devices are connecting to my mesh AP.

I don’t suppose the new router will support LAG?

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