2FA question - am I hosed?

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2FA question - am I hosed?

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I have 2FA set up on one of my devices, authenticator app was Google Authenticator. I had to reset my phone due to an issue and spaced about the 2FA on the NAS.

I had email notification set up (2FA setup forces you to do so), but I am not getting any emails when I use the "I lost my phone" option on the login screen after I do the initial log into the NAS. On my other NAS (primary NAS, luckily) the 2FA "phone is lost" worked and I did get the 8-digit code. Can't figure out why the 2nd (backup) NAS isn't doing the same. It says it's sent the message but nothing appears. I've even turned off 2FA on the email account in case that was blocking sending the email (didn't seem to affect the other NAS).

Any options for me here? I have a bunch of stuff set up that is going to be a major PITA to re-do. Pounding my head against the wall...
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have access, it's in our office about 20' away from me. It's my original NAS, serves as backup to my newer one.
Did not know there was such a thing!

So that will remove the 2FA.

Curious about network settings...how will I access the NAS over the network if its network settings have been reset? Feel like I'm about to say "DOH" but it's been a long day dealing w/my phone reset and trying to get an old laptop back up and running that also required a reset (my regular one is in for repair). Been a long reset weekend here...
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NVM...DOH indeed. Synology Assistant or find.synology.com, right? :)
I am not getting any emails when I use the "I lost my phone" option
@Danabw This is quite common. Next time, use an authenticator app that permits you to back up your 2FA codes.

For now there are 2 solutions.

1. Reset - Mode 1
2. SSH into the NAS as an administrator... then enter these two commands...
cd /usr/syno/etc/preference/admin/
mv google_authenticator google_authenticatorSAVE

Exit SSH, and try to log in via browser... You should be asked to reconfigure 2FA (with none of the "reset" hassles).
Thanks, @Rusty and @Telos, really appreciate it. I think I have SSH enabled...hopefully I didn't kill it in a fit of security-actions.

I'll go try that now....

Oops...I had disabled the Admin account to improve security. I assume I can use the commands above w/any current "admin-level" account, correct?
Thanks, @Rusty @Telos - after digging up the secret SSH port I had set (thank goodness I'm a little organized I am able to SSH in, renamed the folder, and logged in and re-did 2FA! Yay - totally happy ending to what looked like a very bad day at first!!

Thanks very much for your help, and thank you also, @Robbie, for pointing out the "partial" reset option, which I was unaware of.

Bad afternoon turns good!!
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Oh man, gotta laugh or I'll cry. ;-) Discovered that I have a failing drive on the 2nd NAS. Things just keep getting interesting again. :D

I'd like to up-size the drive size a little anyway. Have to figure out if I can add a larger drive to replace the one that's failing, and then replace the good drive w/a larger drive later so they match up.
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Backup, backup, backup. Once a drive is failing the chances of another mechanical drive failing during a rebuild or expansion just shoots through the roof.

Remember with the explosion in capacity with SATA HDDs you can store a whole house of data but only get at it through the letterbox of SATA bandwidth - rebuilds take many hours or days to complete.
@Rusty, @Telos - So I've replaced the second drive as well, so now I have two 4TB drives in the DS212 (replacing the previous 2TB drives). The DS212 is working on completing the repair.

The numbers look like it still thinks it only as 2TB drives...been a long time since I did this, will the useable capacity update to 4TB once the repair is complete?

2021-03-23 13_42_12-Missy2.jpg
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You know, these wordy replies confuse me. Can you just get to the point, please?


Thanks! Of course it happened just as you said...a process to expand the volume occured right arter the repair.

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I have to confess I was doing exactly that :mad: thanks for the tip.

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