4 bay upgrade from 2

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4 bay upgrade from 2

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Hi, currently have 2 units running at home, my main one is the DS215 running 2 3GB drives, I have a backup in my detached office for my critical media onto the DS118 2GB, this is done over rsync. This is mainly for phone media, GoPro and DSLR storage, a bit of music and small amount of document storage.

I use ds video and moments on my DS118 to access my media via phones and amazon fire stick.

So the issue I have is the DS215 is 83% full (raid 1) and the wife is creating 100gb of content ever 4 months so will soon run out - I've given up getting her to cleanse the files. My 118 backup is at 50% Capacity.

My thoughts...

Id like to use plex and to get the 4k transcoding rather than ds video - but I believe ill a need an Intel processor to get the full option (plus a licence) on plex.
Do I replace my 215 with say 420+, move the 2x3gb drives over, add 2 new ones and swap to SHR.

Or do I stick with what I have and just upgrade my hard drives?

Other than the increase in bays and capacity benefits, would the hardware warrant to the upgrade if I'm willing to stick with ds video?

I would value your options and views. Also could an older 4 Bay could be just as good? I do like to future proof 😊
You can't move the drives without ignoring btrfs and accepting the 16TB volume limit. But you could replace the 3TB drives with 16TB drives ... I can't comment on 4k transcoding.
OK, so what I may need to do is setup the new nas with just 2 drive, sync the data over, the format the old drives and extend the storage???
OK, so what I may need to do is setup the new nas with just 2 drive, sync the data over
Shared Folder Sync can simplify the transfer. So fine.
format the old drives and extend the storage???
As long as the old drives are not less capacity than the new drives, you can add them to the pool. If they are less capacity, you can only create a new pool with those disks.
Cool thanks, that's what I plan to.... Shopping around I'm now looking at the 920+ instead. ;)

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It can be done for sure, but it would be good to know at least an estimate before we get down the rabbit hole.
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for the described purpose (simple storage for KODI players) your existing NAS is really over performing...
when you have just single computer with 10G NIC, there is possible the direct connection with a crossover...
Ah, ok. The link I posted above had a lot of links to videos, pictures, and how-tos.

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