Info 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes explained (VPN related).

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Info 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes explained (VPN related).

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I found this in my bookmarks. You can check if a VPN service falls under any of the “eyes” jurisdictions.

One thing one should check when using a VPN service is if it leaks IP addresses (exposing your source IP address).
Use a tool like IP Leak to test your VPN connection.

I’ve tried this a few times after configuring my OpenVPN on my DS with a profile that forces all traffic to go through the VPN and so far no leaks (always shows the public address and the DNS of my home’s router). So that’s good :)

Now I‘m trying to push my luck and use OpenVPN to connect to my DS and force all traffic to go through another VPN gateway that is defined on the DS :D
I'm testing NordVPN, but I'm not sure about all that VPN information I can read on the internet.

For example, these 2 articles made me think:
Found them on this site:

Also, information at the bottom of that site is useful too.

Anyway, I like the idea of running a VPN on my NAS and connect all my clients to it, but is it really worth it?

Ok, to get content for streaming, hide IP only from my ISP (if you really need to)... But what about privacy? Do we really believe in no-log policy?

Ah, I'm just confused about all of this information and would like to hear your thoughts.
I would take all info with a grain (or a bucket) of salt. The article I referenced was useful for me in showing where the vpn service resides. The rest I’m not too sure about.

Sorry, I didn’t read the articles you referenced . I’ll definitely will and post back.

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