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Friend emailed me saying his email notifications died with update 3.
Would you kindly confirms it still works?
I wonder if it was the DSM update or if they are using Gmail and needed to enable the sign in apps with password feature?

E-mail notifications (Google account) also died on my 2 NAS systems after update 3. This was for the second time. A couple of weeks before update 3 it happened suddenly for the first time.
I first click on the “Sign Out” button (Control Panel -> Notification -> Email tab). An after that I authenticated again my Gmail account. If you eventually use Google Chrome as your browser: be sure to first log out from your Google account [if you are logged in there]).
At other forum, some lady posted that gmail issue will be fixed in forthcoming 7.1 upgrade. I won’t be able to test -3 for a couple more days due to a project, but I am using gmail email and all 3 NAS’s presently email to gmail address fine on -1
Just received email that my packages are out of date on 720+ with 7.1-3
(Have not installed latest SS)
So I’m good!
There should be two different email notifications that come in. One from the dsm notification which I believe is the generic you have packages needed to update.

Then within security advisor that’ll send out another email telling you what packages. I forgot to mention you tend not to see this report because of how often it runs. If you wait until the security advisor report runs you should see it. Also make sure it’s actually scheduled to run, and make sure it’s setup to send the email notification
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There is for sure two different email notifications that go out. I haven’t looked deep as to where they’re coming from but something leads me to believe that security advisor does it too.


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I tested via email test in Notifications, then, in Security Advisor, set for a scan a few minutes from now, that That's the two emails that came in...
If there is a location for the DSM emial, I never found it... Just finished updating 7.1-3 on 2nd 720+ and SA scan should happen on that in 2 min...
I can confirm 2nd 720+ has reported SA to my gmail address....
Updating 7.1-3 on 718+ now (that is my workhorse NAS) awaiting Email from SA
Email from 718+ arrived.... DONE!

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