Question 918+ Fan Replacement?

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Question 918+ Fan Replacement?

It's the midst of summer here and my spinning and NVME disks are hitting 40C which I feel is a bit too high and the CPU is hitting mid to high 40C's with the fan sped set to max I am looking to replace the fans in my 918+ with something more capable and I'm not overly concerned about noise level.
I'm looking at the Y.S.TECH FD129225HB-N fans that push about double the air of the stock fans @ 63.7CFM but am a bit worried on their power draw being 0.23A rather than the 0.12A of the stock fans.
Has anyone replaced the fans in a 918+ in order to reduce temps and if so what did you replace them with and what were your results?
Noctua, as my favorite in cooling is top choice

Don't know about the environment where you have your NAS (open air, direct sun light, closed cabinet, ...). Sometime change of the environment conditions can helps.

Re your concerns:
HDD up to 40C (up to vendor spec) is on effective limit.
Regarding the NMVE, it is OK. No need worry. Also up to vendor spec (need to find in vendor site).
CPU and 40C is perfect condition!
Power draw of 0.23A, frequently it's max. power draw for max. airflow (Apparent power).
How about a modified turbine inlet air cooling. Only downside is the space required if you don’t mind the noise :D

Excuse my stupid post. I just always imagine this fitted to my gadgets 😂

Thanks for the responses.
With regards to location, the NAS is in a ventilated cupboard which currently has the door open during the hot weather and is under a set of stairs in a hallway in the middle of the house which is actually one of the cooler places in the house. Don't really have any place cooler to put it. Problem is that the house is warm in general after so many 35C-46C days in succession and it’s a stone walled house so once it heats up it just radiates the heat.
Fortunately we’ve got a couple of cooler mid to high 20C days today and tomorrow before we start making our way back up to the 40s on Friday so the house is opened up at the moment and HDD temps are OK at the moment at 31C.

Indeed I looked at Noctua fans but their 92mm fans are all 4 pin PWM fans apart from one which is only a 1600rpm which is a 38CFM model, basically the same as stock and probably ideal if you want quieter operation. Not something I'm looking for though.
I also looked at Delta fans as they are also top quality fans known for their performance (and noise) but determining the correct model (as they have all sorts of weird connector options that they don’t clearly identify) and finding somewhere to buy seems harder than it should be.

As for the turbine, I think our house needs that to replace the struggling AC unit but don’t think it’d fit in the backyard and I’d imagine the running costs would be astronomical as well. :LOL:
And the pelt, well I actually dabbled with those when I was really into overclocking back in the Athlon XP and GeForce 3 days, probably produce a bit too much condensation for the NAS if you somehow managed to keep the hot side cool, if you didn’t it’d be a real quick way to toast the drives. Yeah I know you were joking. :LOL:

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