923+ SHR-2 ... extension or new NAS

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923+ SHR-2 ... extension or new NAS


I have a 923+ with 4 disks 8To disks. I just use it as media center (plex), no backup needed. When I installed the NAS I had this stupid idea (for this usage) to use SHR-2. Anyway last week I replaced the 4 * 8To by 4 * 16To. In case of futur expansion is it better to use an DX517 or replace by a DS1821+ ?

In case of a new NAS I do a migration 4 * 16To, after that can I place 4 * 8To (slot 5,6,7 and 8) and create of SHR volume with these fours ?

Just for information, is it possible to add an DX517 to another DX517 ? :)

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The base NAS will determine how many expansion units can be used, and they attach direct to the NAS not daisy-chained together. You can see that the DX517 has been around since 2017, which is quite a while. Also that NAS devices can only use certain expansion units. So at some point you will upgrade the NAS and it will not support the DX517. When that is ... no idea. If you are thinking to use a DX517 then create a separate storage pool on it: don't span a storage pool across the NAS and expansion unit relying on a single eSATA cable.

With the 8 bay NAS then you can migrate drives from the DS923+ and then create other storage pools and volumes in the other bays. There is a lot of guidance in Synology's Help for Storage Manager (online or in DSM).
Thanks for the explanation. To avoid to "trash" the 923+ bought a year ago, is there a way to use it as expansion for the DS1821+ ?
You cannot use the (23+ as an expansion unit. However, you can likely get most of your money by reselling that unit. I ended up getting the DS1821+ and it's a powerhouse. running circles around the DS920+ it replaced. I have 5x 8tb disks in SHR1, and a SSD volume of 3x 1tb SSDs for dockers and apps.

Buy once Cry once.
Possible to share of folder of 923+ on the 1821+ ? I read with Cifs, but I don't know a lot in the NAS world.

It is. You can use File Station to do a remote share mount using cifs/smb protocol as one example.

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