Info A cure for vibration–noisy drives.

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Info A cure for vibration–noisy drives.

Never heard such noises from any my NASes.
A consideration:
- a vibration frequently is caused by airflow. The first check must be for fan(s). Lifespan of the fan is based on many things, bit one is more important = a dust and insufficient maintenance (dust cleaning).
- when the fan is ok and your disk is vibrating, even when it’s removed from the bay and connected into external SATA port, it’s time to change the disk to new one

This solution, based on YT video seems to be OK. But, you need check first your fan(s).
Probably only needed to use an inch (2.5 cm) at the front of each bay as the back of the caddy is supported by the SATA connector. Could be done with wedging a little bit of card!

I cut up an old neoprene mouse mat into strips and stand the NAS's front and back feet on them. It's enough to deaden enough noise from the wooden shelf.

The other thing is not to have disk enclosures / NAS touching each other so that vibrations don't travel. It's the old HiFi separates on spike feet approach :)

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