A few useful apps I use (iOS)

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A few useful apps I use (iOS)

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Prompt 2 by Panic, but didn't pay the current price :eek:

HE.NET Network Tools for various things like iperf3, ping, traceroute, DNS, subnet calc. It's free. Just seen it has TOTP and HOTP passwords too.

iTeleport for VNC. Blimey what happened to the price??!! Was about a fiver when I got it ... no more.

Also use TLS Inspector like @WST16

And far too much time playing Sudoku Killer (available for Android too).

Oh and iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Deals and Discovery at App Shopper - Popular Recent Changes for iOS/ used to have an app, website only now, that is annoying to use but you can see if apps vary price often and wait for them to drop.
Readdle Documents (free).
I love Readdle Documents. I have their PDF Expert too (paid) that opens up more features on Documents.

However, I’m always trying to find a replacement as good as these apps to no avail.

Reason: I discovered that they have google analytics embedded in all their apps when I was looking at my iPad backup files. I was not happy at all. Contacted them and they confirmed it and of course they said it’s harmless and no personal data is being transmitted and it’s only to improve the app and all that nonsense.
I tried Readdle's Spark iOS mail app before realising that they store access credentials to the accounts you add. The app couldn't delete these associations when the accounts were deleted or app uninstalled. Rather I had to email them to ask their admins to delete this on their servers.
I’d like to update this thread with a tool that I’ve purchased recently. It replaces Ping and Fing in my post above and offers much more.

It’s called Network Analyzer Pro (available for both, iOS and Android. I’m using the iOS version).

What makes this one very interesting to me is that it works with my USB C Ethernet adapter on my iPad Pro 11 and my iPhone with the Ethernet lightning adapter. So I can use the iPad or the iPhone as a wired scanner and analyzer that I can plug into any network or device (e.g. a router). This opens up a lot of possibilities in mobile troubleshooting and diagnostics. No need for a laptop with an Ethernet port anymore.
Other apps I’ve tried complain if they find the device’s WiFi off.
The adapter I’m using with the iPad Pro 11 is Nubihub USB C.

One caveat is that it doesn’t charge my iPad when I plug my charger. But I’m willing to overlook that for what I’m getting.

The other adapter has a lightning connector and works with my iPhone. but it’s not as good as the Nubihub, quality wise and functionality wise.

I thought of posting this in case someone needs a similar solution.

iTeleport for VNC. Blimey what happened to the price??!! Was about a fiver when I got it ... no more.
No sooner do I mention this then it's updated to remove VNC and RDP in favour of a GoToMyPC type subscription. The 'legacy' apps are now a separate free download accessible from here https://iteleport.app/#/legacy

The RealVNC app still works.

It’s called Network Analyzer Pro (available for both, iOS and Android. I’m using the iOS version).
I've used their System Status iOS app for years, since before Apple block showing MAC addresses for devices. Not used much now except to see the network connections, especially when testing VPN tunnels.

On Mac I use PeakHour 4 to monitor SNMP from various devices. Useful to see the bandwidth usage of SRM/DSM interfaces and Internet responsiveness (aka availability). It can run a web interface that makes a useful iOS home screen webapp.
The RealVNC app still works.
I used VNC a long time ago in a project to mirror a monitor’s screen to over 15 TV screens :)
It was stable and robust.

System Status iOS app
I got that with the bundle! Not sure of it’s usefulness. I saw the reviews and went for the bundle. Didn’t spend a lot of time trying it yet.

On Mac I use PeakHour 4
Don’t know about this one. I’ll take a look. Thanks :)
Thanks for the share, I hope more people add useful tools to this thread.
Check this thread too:
Since this thread is resurrected, I’ll update it by saying that I’ve recently discovered that the NubiHub, I mentioned above, actually charges the iPad (slowly) and powers the adapter when I plug the charger into it (despite the iPad saying “not charging”)

This is good because with no power, the adapter rapidly discharges the iPad to power the Ethernet connection.

My next test is to see what happens if I plug a PoE :)
If you need a 2FA OTP generator, this one is free and provides an alternative to the Google authenticator and it does not try to spy on you :)
Just installed it and love it. Simple and powerful enough. Thx for sharing.

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