Threat Prevention A network trojan was detected

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Threat Prevention A network trojan was detected

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From my wife's laptop I'm getting this event every minute:

alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"ET POLICY Crypto Coin Miner Login"; flow:to_server,established; content:"|7b 22|method|22 3a|"; depth:10; fast_pattern; content:"|22|login|22 2c|"; distance:0; within:9; content:"|22|params|22 3a|"; distance:0; within:10; content:"|7b 22|login"; nocase; distance:0; within:8; content:"agent|22 3a|"; nocase; distance:0; metadata: former_category POLICY; reference:md5,d1082e445f932938366a449631b82946; reference:md5,33d7a82fe13c9737a103bcc4a21f9425; reference:md5,ebe1aeb5dd692b222f8cf964e7785a55; classtype:trojan-activity; sid:2022886; rev:3; metadata:affected_product Any, attack_target Client_Endpoint, deployment Perimeter, tag Bitcoin_Miner, signature_severity Audit, created_at 2016_06_09, malware_family CoinMiner, performance_impact Low, updated_at 2017_10_12;)

Should I be worried? Is this a trojan on the laptop? I started antivirus but it says it's ok.
Malwarebytes is the best! Cleaned everything. Maybe I need to reconsider my antivirus program and buy Malwarebytes Premium.

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction, Telos.
Have been using the free Sophos AV for Mac for years, mainly cos it's free and we have friends that use Windows. It's now Sophos Home and free for 3 Macs or 3 PCs. Use a different email account to get another 3. Generally it's been ok and found mail attachments that should have been already blocked as spam.

@wwwampy Good to see your investment in the SRM router has already helped to detect this infection.
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Currently, I'm using F-Secure paid version. Got it from work with license for 3 years. But funny, Malwarebytes found that trojan. No, actually, my router found it first! :)

Yes, I'm cool with RT2600ac. Way better then my previous one and even the wi-fi range is great.

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