RT2600ac A Network Trojan was Detected

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RT2600ac A Network Trojan was Detected

Hey thanks. Maybe more brain dead now. :)
I have found TP hard to "read" and then interpret ~ but maybe there is no easy way of doing it. So thanks to the forum here :)
Well I booted the Dell Mobile Connect Driver Screenovate Technologies Ltd. 4.1.7498 Installed 1/28/2022 (1.98MB)
and also the one on my computer which hasn't been caught doing anything naughty
Dell Mobile Connect Drivers Screenovate Technologies Ltd. 3.0.9346 installed 2022-06-20

BTW is there a way of dumping all the TP events to an external log?. I can't seem to see how to dump them all, perhaps I have to connect to a sperate log on my DS218+
Not an easy, simple, or zero risk way. But here is what I recently did to extract TP logs.
@neilh20 thank you for finding an answer to this! This same issue (ET HUNTING Terse Unencrypted Request for Google - Likely Connectivity Check”) has been popping up on Splunk for me and I just started to notice it a week ago. It was driving me crazy as I couldn't figure it out, but you seem much more technical than I. Thank you for the good sleuth work(y)

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