Synology Blog A quick look back at 2019

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Synology Blog A quick look back at 2019

One of our most important goals in 2019 was “reliability.” To get there, we changed many of our internal development policies and methods. Let’s take a brief look back at how we did, and a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2020. DSM We made eight releases1 in 2019, a significantly lower amount than in […]

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something has been changed for worse:
- Synology community was devalued (point of this forum beginning)
- DSM updates release candidate fails, specially 6.2.2-24922
- Intel Celeron "J"series .... what wasn't Syno direct fault


and something has been changed for better:
- official Syno support in Germany was significantly improved in last quarter. OFC they didn't change software dev quality, but they have now an idea what's going on in your request. It is really better than "Ich habe keine Ahnung" what I've read from their previous answers many times.
- really strong Syno interest for an enhanced security of DSM - confirmed also by independent tests

There is still missing a creative environment between Syno R&D and power users for:
- tune of an existing features (DSM, packages, also HW, ...)
- an "idea" hub for new features.
When they will recognize this most important value of R&D, they will boost their business, even boost a differences between Syno and competitors. ... but: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
Talking about the horse and the water (where I agree on all your points), I believe where one promotes it self to Enterprise levels there should also be enterprise level management aka central management. CMS (infrastructure) is there for a long long time, but I do believe it does need "some" adjustments. See also my remark on SRM.

Next I believe Synology (C2 in particular) can gain big big professional market share when there is a more ITS/MSP friendly proposition aka partner channel so these parties will get some good margin for selling these non-hardware products in their services.

The move from the C2 company in Frankfurt to the holding... That needs more and much better communication in the GDPR area (admit: have not really looked for it either). As that is to me not clear, I can not make it clear to the customer. Together with the lacking of ITS/MSP proposition, we are investigating moving to another (neutral) Swiss grounds for C2 alike services.

SRM, I believe, is alike the NAS boxes a great product. But it sticks with soHO (very small for business and great for home). I would like to get more network router alike features in there as easily managed using the GUI (so it will stick after an update) and so it can be used in real SMB environments (aka vlan's and other obvious stuff). On vlan: DSM could use some additional attention there to.

And now to my last paragraph the combination of CMS and SRM. How great would it be to have a solid CMS environment (that is completely in sync with the Control Panel GUI) and one could manage NAS and routers with it.

Please do add some managed switches to it, some Access Points and then we are really talking! (oh and just NO more 1Gb nics in whatever above the J series).. Let's see and hope the recap for 2020 brings some of these... and a great solid DSM 7! Looking forward to that!

Synology, keep up the great work but start drinking the water we users are offering.. ;-)

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