ABB v2.4.0-12234

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ABB v2.4.0-12234


NAS Support
DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
No macOS support yet, but some nice features were added in this version:

Version: 2.4.0-12234​

What's new

  1. Added support for Windows Server 2022.
  2. Added support for Linux kernel 5.10 and the following distributions:
    • RHEL: 8.4、8.5
    • Debian: 11
  3. Added support for Microsoft Hyper-V failover clusters.
  4. Added support for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).
  5. Added support for user delegation to grant non DSM admin users package operation permissions.
  6. Added support for advance search on Task List pages.
  7. Added support for bandwidth throttling on personal computers and physical servers within a specific IP range.
  8. Supports notifying users 24 hours after a scheduled backup for computers or physical servers is missed.
  9. Supports selecting and deselecting all virtual machines under a directory at once when creating backup tasks.
  10. Supports restoring files and folders to personal computers or physical servers other than the backup source.
  11. Modified how users exclude files from backup for file filters.
  12. Increased the retry duration for personal computer and physical server backup tasks. The system will retry backup until 72 hours after a device is disconnected.
Fixed Issues (General Issues)

  1. Fixed an issue where the task result was successful even when only partial data was backed up due to file system support problems.
  2. Fixed an issue where users couldn't restore files to a device previously disconnected from Active Backup for Business via the Recovery Portal.
  3. Fixed an issue where file restoration might fail if multiple restoration tasks are processing concurrently.
  4. Fixed an issue where exporting activity logs and task history might fail.
  5. Adjusted the retention policy to ensure that at least one successful backup version is kept.
  6. Fixed an issue where backup templates might not be applied if users changed the capitalization of the destination shared folder name.
Fixed Issues (Virtual Machines)

  1. Fixed an issue where Hyper-V backup tasks might fail to apply the application aware settings.
Fixed Issues (Servers and Workstations)

  1. Fixed an issue where Linux devices couldn't connect to Synology NAS when users launched the agent with command lines.
  2. Fixed an issue where the first backup version might be corrupted after users rebooted their CentOS devices.
Fixed Issues (File Servers)

  1. Fixed a performance issue of Snapshot Replication caused by file server backup tasks.
  2. Fixed an Overview information display issue when there were ongoing file server backup tasks.
  3. Fixed an issue where folders whose names start with "proc" cannot be selected as file server backup destinations.

Release Notes for Active Backup for Business | Synology Inc.
Increased the retry duration for personal computer and physical server backup tasks. The system will retry backup until 72 hours after a device is disconnected.
The increase to 72 hours before terminating a backup session will be useful. As far as I can tell when a session is terminated the next time seems to require a fully backup, or at least a lot of data is said to be checked.

This will cover a hasty exit on Friday* and finish on Monday :)

*POETS day as it was called... <mumble>** Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday

**Push, yes that was it! Nothing else ;)

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