AC power supply extension wire

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AC power supply extension wire

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Hi, I would like to buy a wire extension for the RT2600ac AC adpater (power suply) because I've the plug a bit far 3mt and I would like to know if a extension wire 2.1mm x 5.5mm male / female will be the right one ..

I've the original Synology AC ADAPTER 42W_1_EU


- officially called:

DC power barrel connector or jack 5.5 x 2.1, also suitable for 5.5x2.5 diameter

better is extend the 230V wire (same cost)
It's what right thinking people do: oh it's what I did :) No bias is present in this opinion.

While stiffer, a standard 230V flex will withstand flexing better than the DC side. If you can place a 1 or 2-way extension then that would be my suggestion.
DC reduction quality for such distance extension is another point to consideration

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