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Question Access Delay from Windows

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I have a DS111, DS211j, DS416, DS415Play and a DS918+ running. Forgetting the DS111 & DS211j which struggle with DSM6.x generally and are rather clunky due to their age, the others are all quick to load up and use when logging into DSM.

However when accessing files from a windows machine, the DS416 often has a delay before being able to access folder shares and files. If I choose the server from my list of network places, the shares always appear instantly on the DS415Play & DS918+ and everything is ready to browse. On the DS416, there can be a delay of anything up to (in the worst case) 10 seconds before the Shares become accessible. Other times there is no issue.

Every single setting across the various models appears to be the same and the DS416 & DS415Play go via the same switch so I can't figure out what is causing the problem. As this is the server that I use as the central point for day to day files, it's frustrating when wanting to load/save something that you then have to wait around. It's the same with 4 different Windows PCs (one of which was Windows 7).

Are there any obvious areas I should check so see what might be causing this?



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Control Panel has various ways to show access permissions: To a shared folder: Shared Folder -> select...
That's not universally correct. I have no NAS mapping issues with W10/W11 Pro.

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