Access Media Server (indexed video folder) via Web Station / http

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Access Media Server (indexed video folder) via Web Station / http


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DS1621xs with:
- Web Station (currently Nginx, PHP) and the 'web' shared folder on an SSD storage pool for performance
- Media Server 'video' shared folder (indexed) on an HDD storage pool for capacity

I would like to serve 'video' files via web browser / http using a home-brew PHP app, while also retaining Media Server's DLNA functionality. I am open to Apache vs Nginx if that helps.

Is there a way to map the 'video' shared folder into the 'web' shared folder? Or is there a better solution with Nginx or Apache configuration options?

I am a long-time Synology user with PHP skills and good working knowledge of DSM desktop; but limited familiarity with internals of Linux, Nginx or Apache. Limited experience with CLI; but no fear. So hopefully there's a reasonably straightforward approach available.

Thanks for any pointers or solutions! Ron
If I understand the question correctly, the answer is... Web Station is currently hosting only from 'web' shared folder ("Enable Personal Website" not activated). Thanks.
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A virtual host can use any folder on the NAS as its document root. The 'web' shared folder happens to be the one create when Web Station is installed and is default but not the only one that can be used if you define virtual hosts.
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Thanks @fredbert for a straightforward solution. I hadn't considered virtual hosting...

It appears from the documentation that Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.6 are required for virtual hosting. Apache 2.2 is not a problem; but my home-brew app may not run on PHP 5.6. I'm currently using PHP 7.3.

I will test this approach later today, before declaring victory (or asking for an alternative). Ron
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My previous workaround solution was to mount a remote copy of the 'video' folder (from another local NAS) into the default 'web' shared folder. Then 'video' simply appears as a subfolder in 'web'. That worked beautifully, functionally.

But I'd rather not rely on the 2nd NAS. Is it possible to locally mount the 'video' shared folder into the 'web' shared folder when both are on the same NAS? Remote Mount won't allow that, I believe.

If local mount is not possible, I'll soon pursue the virtual hosting solution. Ron
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A port-based virtual host is the perfect solution. Very easy to implement once I got my head around it. I was conflating "Enable Personal Website" with "Virtual Host" - not the same thing. Thanks @fredbert! Ron
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