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Info Account upgrades and donations

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Info Account upgrades and donations

Dear forum members!

We've added account upgrades and donations to our forum.

You won't see any ads on SynoForum.com, but you can support us by upgrading your account or donating. Your support helps us to cover the expenses for running SynoForum.com and fill our mugs with some coffee.

Of course, nothing is obligatory. Your forum experience will not be downgraded if no account upgrade or donation is made.

Thank you for your support!
all members,
@SynoMan has built this vendor(s)-independent Forum almost year ago.
Lot of us found here many inspiration ideas or knowledge-share threads for free. And it is great, when in this world where nothing is for free, here is everything free of charge. Our mind and goodwill to help others. Really great.

Most of you can imagine the effort, needs to be done for such perfect Forum (design, features, db maintenance, upgrades, ...). Running in 24x7x365. Do not hesitate to provide some small voluntary donation to maintain all the HW/SW/Licences effort to be here, that can help @SynoMan to keep a sustainability of such great independent project.
Thx @SynoMan again for the great job you did!
These options are here from the start:

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 16.53.45.png

There is also only a simple donation page if someone does not want to use account upgrades:


Thank you for your support.

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