Activating btrfs bitrot protection

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Activating btrfs bitrot protection


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When I created the shared folder which holds my Docker image configs, I apparently missed enabling checksum protection (I'm not sure why this isn't a default for btrfs volumes... but nonetheless...).

So here's my Rube Goldberg plan...
  1. Create a new shared folder with checksum protection enabled.
  2. Stop Docker.
  3. Move the file structure from the existing shared folder "config".
  4. Rename the existing shared folder "config" > "config.old"
  5. Rename the newly created shared folder to "config".
  6. Cross fingers and start Docker.
  7. When all is good, delete "config.old" shared folder.
Is this reasonable? Does it have a high likelihood of succeeding?


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one way to find out


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I tried this with a Plex folder I use for "optimized" (i.e. pre-transcoded videos) and all seems well after restarting Plex (it "found" the alternate videos I copied over).

While this isn't exactly battled-tested. it seems to work.

I'm glad to know that /homes is protected...

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