DSM 7.1 Active Backup restore media and WiFi

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DSM 7.1 Active Backup restore media and WiFi

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I couldn't find any information regarding my issue so I decided to ask here.

Is there any known problem about using the wifi with active backup restore media?

I decided to give a try to Active Backup for Business in order to backup my PCs in home (Windows 11 systems) to my DS923+ (using AOMEI backupper at the moment for this purpose) so I created a usb stick to have in hand in case I needed. I booted from it to test it, installed the WiFi driver but at connection settings there is only a blank window therefore I cannot connect to any network.

Any advices?
Just to add some information that may help others...

I had big trouble making my WiFi connection work with the boot media that ABB Media Creator was preparing. I tried everything but could not establish a WiFi network connection. Tried also creating the boot media manually with every way that Synology suggested in ABB Guide. No success...

So today I tried to run ABB Recovery Wizard from HBCD_PE usb stick that I had prepared for different recovery and emergency situations, which includes PENetwork Manager. And I had success...

So now I have one usb stick for every recovery/emergency situation for my PC systems., and it is something I would recommend.

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Hey, im looking into this myself.

Do you have any more info on how you did it?
Did you just copy the "ABB Recovery Wizard" app to the usb?

Any pointers would be appreciated :)


It is pretty straight forward and here are the steps i took:

I already have a synology media recovery usb and a HBCD_PE usb stick.
I also have the drivers for my laptop wifi.

1. Copy the ActiveBackup directory from the synology recovery media to a folder on the HBCD_PE usb stick.
I create a new root folder called "myapps" an pasted "ActiveBackup" in there.

2. Add you drivers to the "customDrivers" (i think it was called) folder in the root of the HBCD_PE usb stick.
There is a readme.txt in the folder, read it :)

3. Boot the HBCD_PE usb stick.

4. Once you are booted to the desktop, open PE Network Manager and see if you network adapter is listed, if it is you can use PE Network Manager to connect to your wifi.

4.1 If there is no wifi adapter precent, you might have to check if your drivers are installed using the device manager. Open device manager and see if your wifi is listed under network adapters.

4.2 If the wifi adpter is listed under network devices you have to start the windows wlan service.
Open a CMD and enter: net start wlansvc
This should start the service. You might also have to do: netsh wlan
4.3 Back in PE Network Manager your wifi adapter should be listed and you can connect to your wifi. Also check the ip-settings, by eith entering manually or obtain automatically.

5. Once you are connected open a filebrowser and navigate to the folder where you copied the ActiveBackup directory to.
Open the "UI" folder and start "recovery.exe"

6. If all is working well, you can go trought the steps and restore your device :)
Exactly that. No installation needed, just a copy of the wizard folder anywhere in the usb stick.
In my case, no extra drivers are needed at all. HBCD, Strelec and Gandalf's PEs all work on wifi on all my computers at home immediately
awesome, my lenovo laptop needed the extra drivers so i put it in there.

thanks for sharing your solution, helped me out as my laptop dont have a ethernet port

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