Adaptive Load Balancing is allowing data to flow to the wrong NICs

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Adaptive Load Balancing is allowing data to flow to the wrong NICs

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I have a DS3617xs with the 4 on-board gigabit ports and a 2x SFP+ card. I have a few users who don't need anything special speed-wise and I want them to use a bond made up of 3 bonded gigabit ports. I did that and it seems to be up and running. The default gateway ticker is checked on the bond. Seems good.
I have the 2 SFP+ ports connected to the same switch that I plan to use for high speed needs. I don't want people who simply discover the server on the network to hit these ports. Default gateway is not checked.
But when I go and connect to the server via SMB using its hostname, I get connected to port 5 or 6 which are the SFP+ ports.
If I disconnect the SFP+ ports from the switch physically, the bond steps up and works perfectly: 3 separate incoming SMB connections connect to the 3 separate NICs and balance the load perfectly. I can tell because my switch shows me the ports are all working and I can see the amount of data they're transacting and its dead on for 3x file copies. Then, if I plug the SFP+ jacks back in, manually disconnect everybody who was just working perfectly on the bond (so now no users are connected), new connections again route to the SFP+ jacks first. Should not happen.
The service order is set correctly.
Anybody know how to fix this? Is my router needing a reboot to map it properly somehow?

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