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Info Add a scheduling to QuickConnect

DS218+ DSM 6.2.2-24922-4
  1. RT2600ac

This need testing but is working for me.

- Config your quickconnect.
- Go to Task scheduler.
- Created a user defined script.
- Config your time,.....
- To stop quickconnect, use
synoservice --stop synorelayd
- To start quickconnect, use
synoservice --start synorelayd
- Hit OK
Wow! The simplicity if the solution is blowing my mind! :oops:
Testing it as we speak and so far it's working wonders
Note: You can test QuickConnect status with : synorelayd -s at a SSL prompt
It reports "state: connected" when started, "state: not_running" when stopped.
Congrats! (y):)
Hi. Unfortunately this does not work anymore with DSM 7. They switched to synosystemctl, but I can't get it to work.
Does anyone know how to start and stop quickconnect with synosystemctl ? Thank you.
Started by looking at synorelayd by printing out the help text. I see that this command has more option so if you want to stop it you can use sudo synosystemctl stop synorelayd but maybe consider using synorelayd itself to switch QC on and off?

$ synorelayd --help
Copyright (c) 2003-2014 Synology Inc. All rights reserved.
Usage: synorelayd [options] [actions]
  default action                     start daemon
  -h, --help                         show this help message
  -v, --version                      show version info
  -k, --kill                         kill running daemon
  -s, --status                       get running status
  -L, --smartdns                     run smartDNS Let's encrypt process
  -U, --hup                          hup (reload configs)
  -a, --add [service]                add service for relay
  -r, --remove [service]             remove service for relay
  -c, --support [on|off|status]      support channel operations
  -q, --quickconnect [on|off|status] quickconnect operations
  -p, --portal-url                   get portal url
  -i, --getip                        get real client ip
  -t, --detect-router                detect router for upnp
  -f, --port-forward                 add port forward rules
  -F, --check-failover               check failover, return == 0 if failover is enabled.
  -b, --broadcast [up|down]          broadcast the DS boot state
  -R, --reopen                       reopen the log file
  -C, --config [file]                read config from file
  -d, --debug                        enable debug mode. will not run in background
  -P, --pid-file [file]              set pid file for daemon
  -g, --source-ip [ip]               remote source ip
  -n, --source-port [port]           remote source port

These seem to work when I look in Control Panel -> External Access -> QuickConnect:
$ synorelayd --quickconnect=status
$ sudo synorelayd --quickconnect=on
$ sudo synorelayd --quickconnect=off

If you use a scheduled User-Defined Script that is assigned to run as 'root' then you won't need the sudo command prefixing the syno... commands.

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