Add External Drives or another Nas ?

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Add External Drives or another Nas ?

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Hi, new to Nas in general, so please be gentle !
I have a legacy Zyxel nas325 with two 1TB drives which have had little use.
I was very unhappy with the user interface, so after research, I now have as follows:
A Synology DS 223J 2 bay with 2nr Seagate Iron Wolf Pro 4TB drives.
I have to say that I am very impressed so far, but early days.

I've underestimated the storage I will need !

Can I re-use the two 1TB drives from the 'old' Zylex ?
They have had minimal use.

Many thanks.
Can I re-use the two 1TB drives from the 'old' Zylex ?
A couple of questions occur:
  1. Since you already have installed the two Seagate drives in to the two-bay DS223j, how are you thinking the old 1TB drives will be incorporated to the Synology's storage given the internal physical space is fully used?
  2. You don't say how you have configured the storage (i.e. which RAID/SHR type) but... if 2x 4TB is now already too little, how would adding 25% extra (2x1TB) make this a long term solution?
The Synology NAS considers drives in its internal bays for making its storage pool(s). You can attach USB drives that will appear as separate shared folders, but these drives cannot be used with others to create RAID storage pools. You can mount another SMB server's shares (e.g. the Zyxel's) in File Station, which would save you from mounting two NAS in Windows Explorer but then you'd be funnelling the 2nd NAS's data through the first's network interface.

The usual solution to having too little storage is to buy bigger drives. It will simplify your setup rather than having a mish-mash of interconnected new and old devices just to get a couple of extra TB.

Your Zyxel could still be used as a backup destination for the Synology. I assume the Zyxel has rsync... Synology's Hyper Backup enables you to backup some or all of the NAS and you can create multiple tasks. One of the options is a destination can be any server that runs rsync. I used to use an old Iomega/EMC/Lenovo ix2 NAS for this when I first had Synology NAS, the ix2 looks quite similar to the Zyxel NAS 325 and had a painfully slow interface and not many features. You could test to see if USB drives attached to the Zycel can be used by Hyper Backup, it just depends on how the Zycel presents USB attached storage (in DSM they can be used, such as when I target USB drives attached to my DS218+ from my DS1520+).

But as Telos said, it's better to just switch out the 4 TB with large drives. The process is easy enough if you are using RAID 1 or SHR-1, mirrored RAID, to manage the storage pool. If you you create two separate storage pools with no data resilience then you'll have to backup the NAS, replace the drives, then restore.
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I’ve multiple 1TB Drives, sitting on shelf, now without a home.
Starting from 1TB Drives. I’d upgrade drives one at a time with larger ones.
However, I’ve also Upgraded via a new NAS, and the first one being no brainer: twice the storage: dual locations for data.

3rd NAS purchase was harder to justify, but did for the 2x free security cam licenses, and unit I could test new ideas & hardware on without affecting 2 online NAS’s. Being me as relatively new to networks, the 3rd NAS allowed me to learn & make mistakes on the that, leaving online units operational.
Once the new ideas tested fine on 3rd NAS, then I knew they could be added to online NAS’s without any issue. These include new Software Packages, and 3rd party hardware: Drives, SSD’s, eSATA enclosures, RAM, and power supplies.

That accomplished, the third NAS gets updates added first, again, to keep other two NAS 100% operational until I know for certain update has no issues, and becomes storage location for data that is important enough to have 3 or 4 storage locations, as a ‘make damn sure’.
This is more $$, but allows me to learn and test on a system, that, if I screw if up bad enough, I can just reset it and start over. Surprisingly, not had to do that, but it’s comforting to know I could, without losing any important data!

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