DSM 7.0 Adding 2nd disk for redundancy to an SHR-volume

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DSM 7.0 Adding 2nd disk for redundancy to an SHR-volume

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Hi everyone!
Fist post here, pretty sure this gets asked a lot, but go easy on this old f€ck, please... ;-)

Have a Synology DJ220s server, with a 4TB disk. It's formatted as SHR.
Now I added an identical 4TB disk. Don't want more capacity, just want redundancy so that if one disk fails I can still use the other to copy the files.

I go to Storage Manager > Add Drive > Select new drive (Drive 1) > then a box appears with information before I have to press "APPLY".
But on that info-box it says "Expand the volume by adding drives".
There is no option to just say "No, not to expand, but have a copied disk for redundancy".
Where in this process can I have that option?

I'm afraid that if I click "APPLY" I will end with an 8TB disk and that's not what I want. Or worse, that the movies and family pictures on the original disk get erased or something.

Can someone help?

Thank you!

Best regards,

André Toscano

Is there no option 'Add Drive'?

To add a drive to a storage pool:

  1. Launch Storage Manager.
  2. Go to the Storage page and select the storage pool you want to expand. Click the upper-right icon
    and select Add Drive.
  3. Select the drive you want to add from the list. Only drives that meet the type and capacity requirements will be listed.
  4. Follow the wizard to finish the process.
SHR by default can give you more space when working with drives of different sizes, but in your case shr with 2 identical drives can only end up in a mirror configuration
Do you mean that if I click "Apply" for the process to go ahead, then the Default setting is two identical disks, one mirroring each other, but the same individual capacity? That's exactly what I'm going for.

Just one question though...
If the first original disk already has lots of content, will that process erase it to start over with the two disks (like in a formatting)? Or will it just copy everything to the second disk and that's that (which is what I'm hoping...)?


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