Question Adding a 3TB to a 2x6TB SHR-setup

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Question Adding a 3TB to a 2x6TB SHR-setup

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I've got a 2x6TB SHR-setup in my DS918+. I've got a spare 3TB drive that I'd like to add. I know this is not possible. However I guess if I in theory I could recreate the entire volume and start with the 3TB and then add my 6TB drives it would work (giving me 9TB of storage).
The problem is, all my packages are installed on that volume and recreating it would mean reinstalling all of them (I'd donate bodyparts to get some kind of buildin support in DSM for this, moving packages between volumes).
So the question here is, is there a way of doing this without going mad (=reinstalling everything)? Hints and clever ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
I just checked on Amazon UK and a component boxed version of a WD 3TB Red is £88 delivered, retail box £106. A retail boxed 6TB is £190 at the mo. I'm not sure I'd willingly donate any body part to save £100.

Plan: save up the extra ££ and get the 6TB so you'll have 12TB SHR and it'll expand easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Then either re-use the 3TB as an external USB drive or in the 4th slot as a single drive for stuff you don't care about needing RAID, or as a backup disk for things. You'll have to increase your NAS backup strategy too, esp. if it holds primary data.

I think there're ways to break the current SHR and clean-wipe the removed disk.Then create a new SHR pool starting with the 3TB but .... how you get >3TB on to this new volume will require you to have a backup of everything ... so I don't see how you do it without having to wipe both 6TB disks first and then you're back are plan 'reinstall everything from backup' if you have a back up.

I've still got 80GB and 200GB PATA drives in storage because I could see a cost-effective way to re-use them once I was using 1TB drives. That was many years ago and sometimes you just have to let go of kit or find a project that can re-purpose it.
Create a new SHR volume with the 3TB and move packages is possible with a little command line effort...

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