adding directories to photostation

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adding directories to photostation

so - I have found a way to sync my photos to my nas... so I have them turning up in directories like photos/2012/01/x.jpg.

Even though it's just a backup - I thought it might be nice to have photo station expose them all.... so I installed photo station - created an album - deleted the album directory and replaced it with a symlink to the above backup. Its definitely wired up correctly, because I can _add_ a photo in photostation and it appears inside my backup - but I can't find any way of making it notice or index those files. Anyone have any idea?
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I have exactly the same issue. I decided to copy the photos over to the NAS because uploading them through the Synology Photos WebUI was extremely slow. I think it was indexing each photo as it was being uploaded so the upload speed was about 1/40th of just transferring over SMB. Now I've moved the photos into /photo - but the indexing hasn't kicked in.
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Maybe this will work: Media Indexing | DSM - Synology Knowledge Center
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I also found a 're-index' button in Synology Photos > user icon in top right > settings > Personal tab > (page down to see re-index button)
Do keep in mind that both of you are talking about 2 different applications that host files a bit differently.

Regarding Photos (DSM7), I see no problem when I move the content to the /Photos/xxxx folder and it appears instantly in Photos app.
Ah yes, I'd missed that. I'm on DSM7 and using Synology Photos. You say you're on DSM7 too, but my shared folder is /photo not /Photos ... probably unimportant.
I just found that I have to move photos into /photo using File Station in order that they get indexed. I've been using '' in a Docker container to sort my photos first into the directory structure I wanted. As it was sorting them it was moving them directly into /photo ... but Synology Photos isn't detecting them being moved there. I guess I'll just need to sort them elsewhere and use File Station to move them.

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