Question adding "Free and Public DNS Servers", does it mess with Safe Access?

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Question adding "Free and Public DNS Servers", does it mess with Safe Access?

I'm confused. I know that we can add Free and Public DNS Servers (as the ones suggested by this lifewire article) but I also know that Safe Access offers a "Network Protection" option. I presumed that this option is like a dns filter (and I might be well wrong) so I was wondering how the 2 work together (DNS + Network Protection).
Thanks for help :)
There was some changes to DNS and Safe Access, with people wanting to use their own internal pi-hole server, but provided you set client DHCP to use SRM internal IP (e.g. as the primary DNS you should then be able to set SRM's own DNS servers to external ones (e.g. your ISP, Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS, or even DNS Server package on SRM).

Safe Access will intercept any DNS request direct to the SRM (e.g. and process it first only then will normal DNS resolution happen using the SRM's defined DNS servers.

This is how I have it set up so I can run an internal DNS service and resolve my personal domain to local IPs.

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