DSM 7.1 Adding memo/label/tag to locked backup version?

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DSM 7.1 Adding memo/label/tag to locked backup version?

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Hi everyone,
I'm Running DSM 7.1.1 with Active Backup 2.6.2-13081 on my DS418play.

I have my main desktop backing up and it has been going well, I have been able to do a full restore which has been really nice.
As I am going through with a fresh system install, I'd like to save certain milestone install states. I'd like to lock a bare-metal backup, then lock a backup after office is installed, and another after specific customizations. Also occasionally to do a special just in case backup if I am about to try something unorthodox. Just have a few milestones I quickly roll back to if necessary. I already use Synology Drive to sync active files so I can do a full restore, reactivate the Drive connection and be up and running in short order. It has worked great so far.

I've figured out how to "lock" a "version" which is great, but I don't see any way to add any sort of information. A regular backup is just a backup, but a manually locked backup is for a good reason, and there should be some way to make note of that reason!

I see two items appear when I hover over a backup version, one for a live video backup which is never available, and delete.

I would really like to add a memo to locked backups. Am I missing something or would this just be a feature request?


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