AdGuard Home | Host or macvlan?

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AdGuard Home | Host or macvlan?

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Somehow my Docker AdGuardHome (AGH) container began malfunctioning, so I decided to blow it all away and start over.

Originally I created a macvlan network, so that AGH would have its own IP. But on this go-round, I went for a host network install, and so my new AGH set up now uses my NAS IP.

I'm curious what, if any, trade-offs exist between using the host network and creating a macvlan network. The former is dirt simple to set up, and seems fully functional.

Any experiences or thoughts y'all have to share on this?
macvlan here! Running it for almost two years now and never had any problems. In DNS Server pointing the subdomain to the macvlan ip and using the subdomain to login on the admin page.
Hostmode is slightly faster, as no bridging is invovled. Then again macvlan is way faster than docker bridge networks (which are actual nat'ed isolated networks; portmappings are nothing else then portforwarding rules)

macvlan by design "suffers" from a kernel security limitation that prevents macvlan client interfaces to communicate directly with the host. Though, it's possible to introduce a virtual interface and use it as parent device for the macvlan client interfaces to workound that limitation. Those virtual interface are out of docker's scope and needs to be created everytime the nas reboot. I am sure someone here already shared a "scheduled task" command that does the trick.
macvlan here! Running it for almost two years now and never had any problems. In DNS Server pointing the subdomain to the macvlan ip and using the subdomain to login on the admin page.
Hay Bob, Why did you choose macvlan? Just curious, as I initially "chose" it only due to an installation procedure I was following.
I chose macvlan because I already have a DNS Server running on the nas and this would conflict with AdguardHome ports. To be honest, I don't know how AdguardHome would work if I had chosen "host" with a DNS Server already running, as I haven't tested this. I know I could change the ports in the Docker GUI setup, but I like to keep them clean and neat:)
Host mode here. 0 problems since day one. Just updated it today and working fine as always. Can't comment on macvlan because I saw no need for it.
Hello….I know this is an old post but I am trying to get some help in setting up AdGuard Home on my nas. I am running AdGuard on docker. I cant seem to get it running using my host network….after installing the container, I followed the instructions ….I was able to keep port 53 but had to change in AdGuard port 80 to something different. After creating an account with AdGuard, I took a look at the settings page to see how to connect AdGuard to my router….this is where I am having trouble….on my router, which is provided by my ISP, a CISCO based router, I open up the DNS Management web UI of my router and enter two of the addresses indicated in AdGuard that are tied to my nas…one of the IP addresses I use is my NAS’s IP address….when I click save on my router, it spins and eventually get an “Operation time expired” error message. I am not sure if its my ISP isnt allowing DSN management, even though I can access that page and add IP’s or if I didn’t do something on my nas/docker container. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!
Macvlan. The reason I choose it is because of you @Telos, you pointed out that tutorial in an old thread and I still find it the best to date. Thanks :)

Another reason is that I tried Pihole in host mode before installing AdGuard and all the logs appeared like if they were coming from the NAS’ ip address, so I couldn’t create policies per client.
Saw the video about AdGuard and I gave it a try and I liked it more than pihole and it’s been running like that (macvlan) for almost two years now (updated) with no problems.

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