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Well, I switched to ADG considering it is a bit more lighter and wanted to see if it will be better or not in doing its primary task (stoping ads). Considering its running fine, I see no reason to run pihole again. Most of my content is via RSS anyways but just saying, pi runs fine via docker and I have 0 problems when I was running it.
it's just a shame that we can't get a network ad blocker that does the job like uBlock Origin (ie it removes the ads AND tidies up the webpage in the process) - also uBlock can block youtube ads, something that adguard and pihole simply can't reliably do.
I am running Pi on a Docker container - struggled with the tutorials as none of them worked, then found the one that did. took all of 5 minutes to download and set up, runs just fine. It is set as sole DNS, the only thing that does not work for me is DHCP functionality.
I'm guessing that ublock (isn't some thing to keep your drains running) is in effect a personal web proxy for either your browser or PC. It's perfectly possible to scale that up to a forward web proxy but will require some oomph for supporting many devices plus all devices configured to use it instead of direct web requests.

The cheaper (less oomph) way is to filter during DNS resolution but that has never been much good for mixed services behind common URLs.

Life was so much easier pre-Internet.
After setup, I cant find any option to change my password.
that's a bit misleading though, as clearly the user hasn't forgotten their password, they simply want to change it.

The 'funny' thing is that that only leads you to this:

... or you could follow the procedure in the wiki...

It pretty much tells you to install an apacha package on your PC, JUST to get the htpasswd.exe on your system...
And some these exe's differ apparently, but I found the one from WampServer to be working.
The 'funny' thing is that that only leads you to this
Haha... I never clicked the "Forgot password?" link... I just figured it would send a reset link as most logins do... WOW... I hope I never forget my pwd :oops:

I did see this... Docker/AdguardHome/config/AdguardHome.yaml... Opening that showed...
- name: myusernamehere
  password: astringoflettersnumberssymbolsrepresentingthepassword

I'm wondering if you shutdown the AH Docker container and edited these fields to be blank, whether you would be asked to complete them on startup?

I'll let others experiment here...
I'm wondering if you shutdown the AH Docker container and edited these fields to be blank, whether you would be asked to complete them on startup?

I'll let others experiment here...

Actually I did. I can tell it, the docker will start as it was. But then you won't be able to login in the web portal.

But once you get the hang of it, it's not too difficult. I even managed to have 3 login accounts now that I could share with my brother who also is an admin on our joint NAS setup. :)


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