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I would like to install an Adminer (docker official images) but I don't know what to type in the path --link some_database:db. I only have Mariadb 10 installed on synology. When I enter the path localhost/ run /mysqld/mysqld10.sock it doesn't work. Please help.

$ docker run --link some_database:db -p 8080:8080 adminer
--link is used to link a target container with the current container (in your case admin) two containers. The left hand side before the colon is the conainer name, the right hand side is an alias. You can use both to communicate to the target container.

A container is not able to access a path from the host, unless you map it into the container as a volume.

Are you aware that you can access the database on the DS by using the DS's ip or hostname and the mysql port? Just enter the details after you selected the database type.
Ok, but what to enter in the server box?
I enter example in the server field, where is Synology IP and 3407 is port to Mariadb + username: root, password: xxx., database: empty.
I receive a message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away
I have no idea if and how adminer works with MariaDB. With Postgres it works just fine.
Our testing team used it to access databases on different clusters and even AWS RDS databases.

You will need to wait for someone who actualy uses adminer with MariaDB.
Seems like your mariadb user is only granted access from and the port is running on an differnt port than you tried to use initialy.

Though, your solution appears to be insonsistent with the "docker run" command from your first post. The way the command starts the container does not allow to access a database outside the container via
Would you mind sharing if you added --network=host to your docker run command or created the container from the ui enabling "use the same network as Docker Host" or even something entirely different?

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