Advice for two NAS, one for backup and one for multimedia

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Advice for two NAS, one for backup and one for multimedia

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Hello everyone,
I currently have a computer that serves me as a server where I store backups, movies, TV series and virtual machines with Linux CentOS 7.
I should buy my first NAS to move my document backup consisting of two 3TB WD BLACK hard drives and I had thought about the Synology DS220 +. Do you recommend it? I chose this brand because I want to have the security of updates in case of bugs.

For the second NAS, as I wrote in the title, it will be multimedia oriented, containing movies and TV series. I will not buy this immediately but I want to orient myself. I currently have two 8TB WD RED hard drives, one for movies and the other for TV series. I had thought of moving them to the NAS and using the server for transcoding even 4k movies using a dedicated video card and the Emby software I currently use. Therefore I should connect the server to the NAS through a dedicated network card and using protocols such as iSCSI or NFS. I thought of a 4 bay model for future upgrades. What model do you recommend?

I thank all those who will give me advice.
I'm not sure how much users you will have in your environment.
But if you want a 4-bay for future upgrades, than I think a DS420+ should do.

Buying a DS220+ just for backups seems a little much for me, unless you want to use it for offsite backups? If it's REALLY only for backups, perhaps purchasing a DS220J is a little more efficient instead of buying a plus model.
I accept the DS220J.

The number of users that in the same time view multimedia is max four.
I would buy the 4-bay for have major space. I could easily add new hard disk
What model do you recommend?
If your server will do all the hard work then gunning for a + lineup might be too much. However, I would still recommend getting a + model. It is packed with features, more powerful and futureproof. Getting 2 or 4 bay will entirely depend on your needs for space and drive plans now and in the future.

Considering that the new x20+ lineup was just released getting any of them atm is a great buy.
If I want use Btrfs which NAS I have to choose?
I found the DS218 on the Synology's website and DS218+ on Amazon. Which are the difference? And because the DS218+ model didn't is on the website of Synology?
I found the DS218 on the Synology's website and DS218+ on Amazon. Which are the difference?
Mainly the processor. Here’s the data sheets for the 218 and the 218+. According to Synology’s website, both support Btrfs.
The 218+ was superseded by the 220+ (that’s why you can’t find it on the products list). It’s a good NAS. However, this also means that the 218 might be replaced soon (with a 220).
Therefore you advice I wait the DS220 model?
No. I’m not advising anything. Just stating the facts :)

How about if you flip it. You said you need two units. Why not think about the main unit not the backup unit.

I’m saying this because Synology released its 2020 plus series and if you think about the 220+, the 420+, the 920+ or the 1520+ as a main media unit, you’ll maximize your value with a newly released NAS and later on work on the backup unit based on what you’ve learned.

However, your decision depends on your needs, your budget and your time (wait or buy now).
You say to use a unique NAS? I have thought a two NAS because I want separate the data
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In the beginning, you can backup the NAS to an external USB disk for awhile until you decide what to buy for backup. Of course if you must start with remote backups then this won’t work.

Hang on. Are you talking about NAS backup or your server backup? I’m confused now. Are you planing to slowly migrate what’s on the server to the NAS?

What’s your end goal, what do you want to achieve?
Reading the first post and to me the intention is to split the data that is on the current Linux server so that:
  • NAS 1: document backup/storage
  • NAS 2: multimedia storage and server
I don't read that it is to be main NAS and backup [of main] NAS. As such there is no backup strategy here, particularly for the multimedia.

The mention of the two disk groups (WD Black; WD Red) does read that the intension is to 'move' the disks with current data into the Synology NAS. This won't work and any content will be wiped during the initialisation of the NAS: a backup of the data must be planned before moving the disks.

The other point, oft repeated, is that I hope that the data is backed up elsewhere: RAID provides the ability to make bigger storage volumes than the physical disks allow themselves, and can also add resilience (e.g. RAID 1, 5, etc) to keep the data available. But if the data is the stuff you use everyday then it is still susceptible to deletion, corruption, malware. There still needs to be a data backup strategy.
Then a single NAS is good enough for media and backups IMHO. A second NAS is good to have (especially if located remotely) to backup the main NAS. But to dedicate a single NAS for backups and another for media is a waste for home use. If you’re running a business that has certain demands then that’s another story.

This is how vendors sold servers in the past. A dedicated server for a single piece of software, often oversized so no one will get in trouble when demands increase (and often because no one knew how much power and space is needed), then came virtualization and disturbed the status quo. And now, containerization.
Thanks at all for advices.
The backup strategy of documents can is to connect manually a hard disk to NAS and copy data on it.

At the moment I don't have the necessity of backup of multimedia data.
The backup strategy of documents can is to connect manually a hard disk to NAS and copy data on it.

That's possible using DSM's Hyper Backup. With Hyper Backup you can select what you want to backup and where to back it up to. This can be to to place on the local NAS, another NAS, a USB drive connected to either of them, a rsyn server, some cloud services. Depending which destination you choice there then is the possibility of single-version and multi-version backups.

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