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Advice re most compatible Linux Distro

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I have a dual boot laptop and when I set up my NAS last year, was having major issues with Mint accessing my NAS, so I dumped it and went with Manjaro KDE

This was a great OS that to my pleasant surprise, recognised the NAS right away

Sadly, I had to dump it after fruitless months trying to get it to recognise my docked monitor

Having similar monitor issues with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed KDE as well as accessing NAS

So, before I try another distro, was just wondering if you were aware of any particular one that works straight away like Manjaro (doesn't matter if it's KDE or Gnome) and recognises the NAS when I open the file manager

Grateful for your advice


Every Linux distro would easily access the NAS with file manager.
In the worst case you should start writing "sm" at the Connect to Server field and then just complete the rest of e.g "smb://192.168.1. ".

Beyond this, Synology offers some of it's Desktop apps for Ubuntu and very little (next to nothing) for Fedora.

Synology should offer most apps for Linux users.
It's a pitty there is no backup app for my Fedora PC.

(I know there are dozens of very good backup apps but they require some knowledge and working for novices like me.
It took me 2 days to be able to SSH the BackInTime to my test NAS machine, and beyond that, I gad tried in the past without success).
Hey thanks for the quick reply

I am not confident with script re samba entries in system files or editing FStab etc which was the way Mint was heading

If Ububtu works perhaps Kubuntu as well?

I'm not talking about scripts, in the Gnome files window,
if you click on + Other Locations,
the Connect to Server field opens,
you write "s" and the just complete the sequence smb://192.168.1. with your NAS ip.

Depending on the settings on the NAS, it may be shown in this window, as my Synology KNAS in the picture,
without doing anything

Screenshot from 2021-01-07 21-07-30.png

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