After Restart, Blue Blinking LED

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After Restart, Blue Blinking LED

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I'm shutting down my DS918+ at midnight and rebooting it at 6.00 o'clock in the morning. While this works 99,99% of the year, the Syno did not boot up today for the second time of its life. I own the Syno for about 9 months and bought it from a internet shop in new condition.

When this state occurs, the device LED located on the power switch at the front of the chassis, is blinking blue and all drive LEDs are showing a constant green glowing. After pressing the switch for about 10 seconds, maybe more, the Syno reboots and all is OK again. The shutdown at midnight obviously was done, pls. see screenshot from protocol below.

The system protocol does not show any logs which might be helpful. The plugged in three harddrives do not show any errors for months now and even not today.


Hence I do not know what's the cause of this occasionally non-booting device, do you?

first reason, NAS might have hung in boot sequences, because after restart it was in normal condition and your log is empty.

because you didn’t try if the NAS is reachable then we don’t know the real reason.

When you next time find same situation and your NAS will still blinking (blue power LED) after first restart, you have these possible steps to check real reason:

1. remove all the drives include all wires (Ethernet, USB, eSATA, ...) except power supply cable and restart the NAS. When:
a) your NAS isn’t blinking after the restart, you have good chance be successful (story continues in point 2.)
b) your NAS is blinking, (check it 2x again), then you can use factory reset (hold reset button for five seconds until you hear a beep sound) and try to reinstall the DSM (if it works). If the NAS isn’t reachable after factory reset (of course you need ethernet), you have lost your NAS HW.

When point 1 a) is valid:
a) Shut down the NAS and put there first disk (don’t mix the disks) to first bay (from left NAS side). Restart the NAS. If it works and doesn’t blinking go to next point 2 b). When no, the disk is broken. You need to repair the disk.
b) continue with rest of the disks in same way (disk by disk) as in point 2 a).
When you finished the last disk, you can continue with rest of USB or eSATA media.

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