DSM 6.2 Albums sharing - newbie question

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DSM 6.2 Albums sharing - newbie question

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Hi All,

I just started with a Synology NAS and installed Photo Station a few days ago.

How do I make an album accessible only to those people I give them a link?

I would'nt like these people to need to "login", just have access to this only folder.

How do I have to configure the access rights or permissions please?


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OK, my question might become more specific now since I made a lot of tests and got following results.

If I share a "public" album doing like this:

...I'll get a link that when it's opened, i.e. in my mobile phone, it shows like this:

Notice the "left arrow" (red circle). Clicking on it will bring me up one level to all other "public" albums which I obviously don't want. See here under.

The only way I found to avoid this and make the link holder access the only album I made the link for is doing so:

1.- select the folder I want to share
2.- select all pictures/videos in this album
3+4.- create the share link.

Doing so, I'll obtain this (and this is what I want = OK):

In this way, the link holder cannot access all other albums on my NAS.

But this seems very tedious to do. Isn't there any other "more simpe" way to do it?

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