Question Am I missing a static route??

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Question Am I missing a static route??

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I'm looking for some help from the collective with a site to site VPN link.
It's a satellite office link to main HQ and has been running quite happily with 2 RT2600ac routers in site to site mode.
Now the satellite office is being upgraded to a 4G LTE link, so can no longer use site-to-site setup. No problem - fire up the old pfSense box and connect the satellite office as a VPN client. Got this all working, can ping from the satellite office to the main servers, but can't get traffic going back the other way. Feels like I'm missing a route on the Synology, but can't see where to add it... when setting up static routes, there is no option to use the VPN interface as a destination, only LAN, WAN, internet etc.

What am I missing???

Satellite office uses IP range
Main HQ uses IP range
OpenVPN tunnel from satellite (pfSense client) to main (Synology RT2600ac server) on 172.22.0.x.
The tunnel is up and running and I can trace the route correctly from the network all the way to an end server on the network.
However, traffic from the network is getting lost - I can ping the tunnel endpoints from the network, but can't find where the route gets setup.



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