Amazon smart oven!

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Amazon smart oven!

Am I the only one who thinks that this smart home movement is becoming unbearable?!
What do you mean 'becoming'?

There appears to be different of types of 'smart':
  • does more things and better than the basic instance ... e.g. smart phone 10 years ago
  • monitors something and initiates actions ... e.g. smart fridge that restocks stuff you decided you hate
  • voice activated to perform actions ... e.g. Amazon Echo spy speaker
  • synthetic human trapped in box ... see Alexa, Siri, etc

There are some scenarios where voice controlled devices are very helpful, such as if you have difficulty with mobility or handling things, but mostly they are not necessary. Though the hordes of people that buy them for no good reason are at least making them affordable for people that have a real need (i.e. volume sales).
waw, the smart oven has special feature - set a temperature. never heard before, that I need set a temperature in my such common oven. Waw, the set temperature feature is available by “voice command”, not just by “common buttons”. what smarter generation.


of course, there is still valid Pareto principle, for targeting group = people who don’t know prepare juice, tasty, tender steaks in every oven. They just forgot, that it is not about an oven, but about a process and the meat quality.

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