Android App and Fire-Stick (no video)

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Android App and Fire-Stick (no video)

Synology DS 213+, DSM 6.2
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. Android
I would like to play videos (my own ones) on the mobile phone and on the TV using the video station, preferably using a Fire Stick. (My Samsung TV would also have a DS video app, but it's very rudimentary (and doesn't work either.))

So, now my problems in detail:
Mobile phone: I can access the video station with the video app (also externally), so ports fit. Also on videos, but only if I manually specify in the settings every time that the videos should be played via http. (I log in via https.) If I do not enter http for the video to be played and I change the port to the https port, it does not work.
So the first, albeit unsatisfactory, question would be: How can I explain to the app (Android) that it should remember that the videos should be played via http. (I'd prefer via https)

But: Even if I can play the videos, then I have the following problem: I play via VLC and the videos do not run smoothly and this wording is very euphemistic. The videos stop after a few seconds and you have to wait, then the starts again to play but again stops after seconds. My upload performance from the DS is around 15 Mbit and that is very even and constant. That should be enough. Can you set somewhere in the video station on the DS that transcoding should take place properly?

Fire-Stick: Here I cannot set the app to http or https video playback at all. I can access the videos on the stick, but I cannot play them. Where is the mistake? I can't set much in the app on the stick, but what do I have to set in the video station?

BTW: Everything works perfectly in the home network via WLAN on the notebook via browser in the video station. But not on the cell phone.


Hi @Paiper,
please make sure you properly forwarded the ports 5000 and 5001 on your router, to your NAS.

Also please consider that real time transcoding drastically reduce the quality of your video, and can be done only with one video at time. It is highly recommended that you convert all your video to a format supported by Video Station.


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