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Android phone video backup

I don’t use ATV as a playback device - as Rusty mentioned above, have a look at Plex for all your Playback needs.
I got Plex running but it does not 'play' a slideshow of alternating photos and videos, automatically in chronological order. When I press the play button, the first picture pops up, then it just sits there indefinately unless I select the next image manually. Also, does not play video file automatically. I have to press enter with remote control to make movie play. I know this is not Plex support but do you know of a way to make Plex truly 'play' a slideshow? I am looking for an experience like I had with my HTPC running Windows Media Center but still haven't found a piece of software that does it.
Are you referring the the Play, Shuffle, All, Photo, and By Name buttons at the top of the library? (Once in a library folder, the choices become Play and Shuffle.) I've looked at those but don't see any way to choose 'play photos and videos'. FYI- I am using the free version in Apple TV, so not sure if Plex functionality is being hobbled due to service level or platform.
I use 'DS cloud' to keep my Android videos and photo's in sync with my NAS.. this way, I can also easily offload data from my phone by just moving the files on the NAS to another folder on that is outside the sync scope of my phone (for archive). Works well for years.
Thanks. I'll check it out. For now DS Photo will transfer photos and videos to NAS. I just need to find a viewer that will play a slideshow with a mix of photos and videos on a television.
If you have a smart TV, did you try checking its apps store? I have a Sony TV and there’s an app called media player. It plays samples in a slide show. The sample is all photos, no videos, so not sure if it can handle a mix. Didn’t go any further.

You might need to install the Media Server package to allow DLNAs to see the NAS.
Just a thought.
Thanks. Don't be so sure it will handle the mix ;-). I had no idea this idea of playing a series of related photos and videos from a vacation in a slideshow had become such a novel idea. My Sony 507 cameras software did it as well as Windows Media Center. There seems to be no shortage of software now that expects you to separate the related photos and videos into separate folders. I don't understand that convention.
Ah, oh. Don't see it now. I'm sure it was there or may be I had assumed it was there. It was going to be my alternative to auto uploading if I ever switched off Photo Station.

Sorry about that, must've got confused :confused:

Bummer I’ve been waiting for geo-fence capability. Also would like the option if I delete a photo off the phone it would delete off the NAS. This would help when cleaning out old images you don’t have to delete it in two different places.

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