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I apologize in advance for what I am sure is a stupid question. I have read the Synology documentation and not found an answer to my question. I also tried a search here but no luck probably due to bad phrasing. Here's what I want to know, I have an external 1TB drive connected to my laptop that I use to store raw and processed astrophotography files. The files and folders are huge as you might imagine. It's one of the main reasons I bought a NAS. Anyway, when I set up initially I set that drive to sync with the NAS via Synology Drive. Now I realize I choose poorly. I should have selected to backup the drive. I now want to delete the files on the external drive but keep the folders and files as they are on the NAS and set up a system where I can use my laptop's drive to process and work on the image files but not have the reside there. I want the data to live safely on the NAS so if I delete something on the PC it stays put on the NAS.

I know this is probably simple stuff. But when I look on YouTube I see how to get it set up but not what to do when your first set up was a bonehead mistake. Any and all advice is appreciated.

I believe you're looking for a 1-way sync task actually, which is configurable in the sync options. You have a specific folder or series of folders you want to 1-way sync to the NAS, but if you remove the file from the external HDD the NAS keeps it, right?

If so, that's a 1-way sync. What a Backup Task is really useful for is a true system backup. When you ask for a Backup Task, it takes the destination folder and then inside that folder starting with the drive path itself, it will recreate the entire drive's parent folder structure for whatever folder you chose.

So let's say you have a C drive in Windows and you want to backup c:\Users\you\astrofiles, which contains a number of subfolders loaded with tons of files.

In a Backup Task, what would happen is if you picked \\NAS_SERVER\home\astrofilesbackup as the destination directory, it would place the following inside that directory --- C:\Users\you\astrofiles\ and then it would place the contents of the folder. As in, you would have \\NAS_SERVER\home\astrofilesbackup\C\Users\you\astrofiles\. This is because Backup Task is designed for a full drive or system restoration, and isn't very suitable for individual folders unless you intentionally want to recreate that entire path heirarchy for some reason.

In a Sync Task configured to 1-way-to-the-NAS, it would just take the contents of your source folder and transfer them straight over to the destination folder. No extra parent folder heirarchies would be created, etc. Just a straight 1-way copy. That's what you want, I suspect -- a 1-way sync.
Yes I think you are spot on. In fact I ended up deleting all of the Synology Drive tasks and re-built from scratch. Right now I am just running one folder with imaging log files to test my set up and so far it seems solid. I intend to also run a backup task on C: but on a schedule that makes sense for me. Thanks very much for your help. And stay tuned because I am sure more questions are inbound.

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