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Info Another post for getting Contacts to work with Mac


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Have spent some time trying various combinations of account creation credentials with Mac Contacts in Mojave* and Synology Contacts. Finally managed to get it to work, and again after deleting.

I'm using a custom domain with Synology Contacts, say I also have the SSL certificate for Contacts covering this domain.

From Mac Contacts:
  1. Open Preferences and go to Accounts tab.
  2. Add a new account using Other Contacts Account...
  3. Account Type: Manual
  4. Username: <DSM account name>
  5. Password: <DSM account password>
  6. Server Address:<DSM account name>/<calendar_long_unique_id>
Once created the account's server address gets shortened to and a blank server path. So best not to change it. You can change the account's description, e.g. Synology Contacts.

To note, the Server Address is the CardDAV URL provided by Synology Contacts for use with 'CardDAV Client' without the preceding https://

[Cross-posted at the Other place since no-one seems to have a 100% guaranteed way for this to work. This is my 2nd method after the previous one seems to have been 'fixed' into not working.]

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