Another RAM upgrade post - my RS1219+ is getting low

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Another RAM upgrade post - my RS1219+ is getting low

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So my RS1219+ came with 2GB ram, and I am always using over 50% of it and quite often maxing it out. Looking at other ram posts, Crucial was a commonly recommended company, but according to their website they apparently don't have anything that is compatible with the RS1219+? Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | synology | synology rackstation | RS1219+ |

The Syno-branded ram looks stupid expensive compared to what I was seeing for Crucial ram for other NAS models. Are there any options out there for my NAS other than Syno?

Also, how much do I need? If I was getting the crucial stuff it looked cheap enough that I'd max it out, but the syno stuff looks quite a bit more expensive. Currently running 1 surveillance camera on surveillance station which is taking up 50% of my memory, and I'm running bitwarden and unifi controller in docker. Plan on adding another 3-4 cameras in the future. Hope to be adding more docker apps in the future such as document management and photo management/sharing apps. That will probably be about the end of my to-do list until I find something else cool.

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