C2 Object Storage Any experience with C2 Object Storage?

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C2 Object Storage Any experience with C2 Object Storage?

DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 7.3.3-25847
While not a fan of C2 Cloud integration with DSM, I'm interested in C2 Object Storage which works across all S3 compatible platforms, and has a 1TB tier for ~70 USD annually.

My primary concerns are bandwidth (up/down)... which my not be represented with a "free" account, and having no storage protection across international data centers.

Otherwise it looks a lot like Backblaze B2... Though pricing is not fully transparent.

I have access to it. I can test for you whatever you need just let me know.

My initial overview of the service including a HB test (speeds and utilization)


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