Anyone running the SDD Cache Advisor in DSM 7?

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Anyone running the SDD Cache Advisor in DSM 7?

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After the update to DSM 7 almost a week ago I went into the SSD cache settings and found the Cache Advisor which needs to run for 7 days to give results. The interesting thing is that it appears that Synolgoy forgot to format the time the darn this is running:


I assume that the Time spent of 6 16 46 translate to 6 days 16 hours and 46 minutes

Also there is something else I discovered that the latest version say "not the latest version" and the documentation has been updated. I don't want to play around with the Cache until the analysis is done. I assume I am ok with the size of my SSD's based on what the Analyzing summary states.

SSD Cache Versions​

SSD cache algorithms improve along with DSM versions. Caches created on DSM 7.0 are built with the latest algorithms and offer optimized performance with high efficiency. If you created your SSD read-write cache before updating to DSM 7.0, we highly recommend removing the original cache and creating a new one to keep the SSD cache version up-to-date. However, please note that the removal process may take several hours depending on the size of the data on the SSD cache.


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