Anyone seen or heard any rumors about DS3619xs?

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Anyone seen or heard any rumors about DS3619xs?

I manage and deployed dozens of models of Synology Devices.
First of all thanks for the new forum, massive improvement over the official one, really hoping you get some traction here, and get the major community contributors joined up.

Seems like we should be getting close for some new xs and xs+ models. Really hoping we see something similar to the DS1619xs+, but in Desktop form factor with 8 or 12 Drives, that has the NVMe slots, preferrably with onboard 10GB NIC, but at lease if it has the onboard NVMe, I won't feel totally cheated by installing a 10GB PCIe card.

I wonder if they are holding some new models, for the release of DSM 7.0. I've been really needing to get a new NAS for my personal use, but DS2419+ doesn't really do it for me, can't stand having to make a trade off and decide NVMe or 10GB Ethernet, but no option for both.

Synology better have some great stuff coming with DSM 7.0 and some other new hardware to impress people. I feel like as a company that have totally stagnated, and they are quickly loosing my interest. Might have to just build my own Xpenology box, but was hoping to avoid that.

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