Apache "graceful restart"

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Apache "graceful restart"

I need to run some php scripts on my Synology. These scripts have a long exectution time, usually they (should) run for several hours.

I successfully increased php timeout limits in php settings and apache timeout limits via SSH in apache config.

However my apache server makes a "graceful restart" in every hour at the same minute, same second.
(for example: at 08:03:22, at 09:03:22, at 10:03:22, etc.) At the time of the "graceful restart" the execution of my php scripts stops and I get a 503 error message.

I've checked Apache logs and this is what I see in every hour at the same minute and seconds:

2022-01-10T11:03:22+01:00 NAS [Mon Jan 10 11:03:22.501531 2022] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 32660:tid 140381531672576] AH00297: SIGUSR1 received. Doing graceful restart

What is "SIGUSR1", and how can I avoid Apach to receive it? (Apperantly the restart is not 'graceful' enough and my php scripts never survive.)

Thanks for all the helps!

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