Apply Let's Encrypt Certificate to UniFi Controller

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Apply Let's Encrypt Certificate to UniFi Controller

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Hi All,

Whilst there are a lot of details around the internet about this, they all seem out of date and no longer work. Does anyone have up to date Terminal Commands or a Script to make this happen?

I was trying to follow this but got an error saying that the 'Keytool' does not exist.

Operating system
  1. macOS
Thanks @jeyare

So this sort of works....On the Synology, I went to Security > Certificates > Let's Encrypt > Export. Un-Zipped, Uploaded the cert and privatekey file to the docker directory. The instructions refer to them as crt + key - I assume they are the same.

So tree is:

I get to:
  • 2. list directories in the container (ls) # you see: cert data log....
    • I do not see that, I see what is above.
  • cd data / ls - You see backup cert firmware.json keystore keystore.bak sites
    • I do not see this, I see
      • backup firmware.json model_lifecycles.json db keystore

So, I moved the cert.pem and privatekey.pem to the data folder, renamed the keystore to keystore.back. (Assuming the instructions were incorrect)

Then, in the same SSH window I pasted
openssl pkcs12 -export -in name of your certificate.crt -inkey name of your certificate key.key -out unifi.p12 -name unifi -password pass:aircontrolenterprise

I then get a response: pkcs12: Use -help for summary. And nothing happens.

It is not clear what should be done next or what the Keystore Explorer App is for.....



your subfolder structure is OK, based on mapping changes

you need use volume1/dockerUnifi/data/
as main folder for the cert store

thx for the note

it means - file: " unifi.p12 " wasn't created?

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