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archive remote mails

I'm looking for a solution to archive remote mails on synology in a searchable way. I'm thinking to add a rule on the remote mail server to copy a mail but then how can it be stored in the synology server?
Run Mail Server and Mail Station is the easiest way. If you have anti-spam and anti-virus on your remote mail service then you don't need to pay for lots of extra mail accounts in Mail Plus. Then forward all mail using and Inbox rules on your remote mail server/client to the NAS mail account.

You can then limit the exposure of Mail Server's SMTP server with firewall rules to only allow SMTP connections from your remote mail service IPs.

This is what I do. I don't normally have the Mail Server IMAP account mounted in my Mac Mail app, I could but don't, but instead use Mail Station's web interface for ad-hoc access.
A couple of tutorials that have some background on what I'm doing and why you might want to use LDAP accounts with Mail Server.


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