Are there any paid photo-management solutions that can be hosted on my Synology?

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Are there any paid photo-management solutions that can be hosted on my Synology?

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So I've been working through getting photoprism up and running in docker with the help of my brother in law. I'm liking the app and planning to move forward with it.

However, as I set up these increasingly complex solutions, I start to wonder what would happen to it all if something were to happen to me and my wife had to take over management of it. I'm learning that docker is much more programming-intensive than I expected, and I doubt she'd be interested or willing to take on the challenge of keeping connections running and updating containers. She would then either lose access to all of our data or be forced to upload it all to the cloud.

So, are there any well-established paid apps that have features similar to moments/photoprism regarding remote access, photo classification/organization, and are either NAS-hosted or can store data on the NAS. I'm curious about paid programs for both the stability and because they usually have a UI instead of command-line use, and by paying for a product they should come with technical support if she needed it. I'm assuming adobe has something, but am curious if there are other options out there that synology users like.
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I should add that I'm not a huge fan of moments because it appears to be a resource-hog that you cannot throttle in any way, and I haven't heard too many glowing reviews about the new photo app in DSM 7. Otherwise, those would be pretty much exactly the programs/features I'm looking for.

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