Question Are you a full time spinner?

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Question Are you a full time spinner?

Are you a full time spinner?

  • Yes

    Votes: 24 92.3%
  • No

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • I think you’ve gone mad. I don’t know what are you talking about!

    Votes: 1 3.8%

  • Total voters
So I selected Yes.

....but I think I selected disk hibernate of 30 mins or an hour. Something that would mean I’m away and not using them much. It won’t kick in normally as I have a CCC sync task that copies over my home brew weather station webpages every 15 mins.

NAS are on all the time, they’re servers!
Yeah Baby!

Although these days I run UniFi Controller in Docker and Surveillance Station among other services, so don’t really have a choice either.
24/7, they're pretty power-efficient and I have them in a location that isolates drive noise.

Also, I think I've heard something about it being better to maintain consistent temperatures rather than to heat and cool the hardware repeatedly.
I think I might have found the reason as why my DS218 was waking up every night at 11:36pm. I have read on QNAP knowledge base that DHCP IP address lease renewal can also wake up their NAS units. My router assigns an IP address lease for 1440 minutes (1 day) so I thought its worth a shot to assign a static IP address to the NAS unit outside the range of IP address which are being assigned by router.

I have assigned a static address to NAS (outside the DHCP severs managed range) about 3 days ago and so far my NAS has not come out of hibernation. It may be incidence of some sort but I am cautiously hopeful at this point.
BTW I have also disabled all the log functions including hibernation log and disabled the USB copy feature. And I am running RAID 1 instead of Synology hybrid RAID system. .

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