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Info Arghhhhhhh Intel!!!

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My boss asked me today to check why our 17 month old synology DS1019+ rebooted for absolutely no apparent reason last friday. I checked and checked everything and found nothing. In all logs at 09:04:58 it began to start up nothing happened prior to this. A quick google search yielded this: Apollo lake B1 stepping CPU's suffering same LPC/RTC issues as C2000 Series Atoms (the very reason we ditched out DS1815+ for DS1019+). That was Sep 10 2019, they then retracted this 2 days later, then it cropped up again in Nov 2019 as erratum APL47/50 in the CPU spec. Ballards!!

Ye are warned, but I will keep you all posted if it occurs again
Yes there could be, but as i said there wasn't any reason in any log (and the server room is locked). I certainly don't intend to act on a single improper reboot, but the degredation of out DS1815+ after the third or fourth occurance was astoundingly fast and forewarned is forearmed as they say

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